Friday, January 30, 2004

Letter to Leslie Moonves

Mr. Leslie Moonves
President, CBS Television
51 West 52nd Steet
New York, NY 10019

Dear Mr. Moonves:

I understand you are under attack simply because you refused to air an ad by suggesting the deficits caused by the war and the failure to
have the successful among us pay more than the losers will be passed on to
our children. Congressmen have taken issue with your partisanship and no
doubt many lesser Americans will too. I trust you will stand up to pressure
by segments of the American population who labor under the illusion the air
waves are public. We all know that if opposition to authority is allowed to
continue there will be chaos in the land. People who have contributed
nothing to making us the world’s mightiest fighting fist, if given their
way, will dilute our strength and leave us with no more dignity than France,
no more integrity than Germany.

Your role in government is a sensitive one. You didn’t get to the top of
what has become the Ministry of Information by failing to recognize on which
side your bread is buttered. That makes you smart, and Our Leader needs
friends like you at this time. His political support is waning, and without
the work of your "ministry" he could actually falter in his way.

Three cheers for CBS!

Yours very truly,

Name Withheld

(In these trying times, it is inappropriate, don’t you think, for people to
be seen as taking a stand either way in political issues.)

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