Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Letter to Rev. Malloy

On January 9, 2007, the Rev. John Malloy of Saints Peter & Paul Church in San Francisco wrote a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle declaring Nancy Pelosi is "not a Catholic in good standing with her church." I wrote the Rev. Malloy in response.
Rev. John Malloy
SS Peter & Paul Church
660 Filbert Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

January 9, 2007
Re: Your letter in today’s San Francisco Chronicle

Dear Rev. Malloy:

Thank you for the effort you put into listing some of Speaker Pelosi’s stated positions. It firms up my conviction that our local first lady of Congress is representing her constituents as law and custom dictate she should, despite her unfortunate membership in a retrograde patriarchal institution more in tune with foot-binding than with democratic values.

You old boys are still in there, aren’t you, trying to hang on to the power to smash the lives of any who would oppose your view that men should dominate women and patriarchal authoritarians should prevail over folks with an egalitarian world view. One has to admire your determination.

Your church may in fact survive, despite your best efforts to hasten its demise. If it does, it will be because catholics like Nancy Pelosi put their faith in God and Christ and the heart and brains God gave them, and not in foolish old men more interested in power than in the bodies and souls of the faithful. And because they understand that as American citizens their duty is to represent all Americans, not just a few with a questionable claim to be speaking for God.

This is a great day for Italian-Americans, for women, for Democrats of the Bay Area, and for Roman Catholics of good will. What a pity you had to piss on the parade.

Yours truly,

Alan J. McCornick