Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Broken Bones

I feel like I’ve been in a burning building and I’ve jumped.

Good news. I’m alive.
Bad news. Most of the bones in my body are broken.

Reading the L.A. Times online this morning ...

The voices of some of my fellow Californians…

• YES on 8! No to judicial tyranny and sexual perversion!

• Yes on 8 ! I don't hate gay people but I believe we have to draw the line here!. Freedom is good but it has to come with responsiblity.! How about if one day a son wan to marry his mom? or a dad that want to marry with his daughter? Could you say that they are free to do that? Is that the right thing to do? Just think about it clearly in your heart.

• I think its a Joke. I am straight yes. But I am a Christian too. God states that we shouldnt allow this. Its coming to the end of days. Gamor? remember. Plus its agains the costutution and we are falling away from the very rights that we left England for. If you believe in the right for Religon then you would vote yes. Because we all have the right to our Religon and your not going to teach my children something that I believe with my whole heart is against God.

• I have nothing against gays and lesbian but why do they have to change the whole soiety and teach our children that it is normal. It is not normal, it is definitely not mother nature. If same sex marriage is legal, then it is okay for brothers and sisters to get marry? Why do gays and lesbian what to get marry anways? They can't have kids naturally. If they just want to live together and spent the rest of their lives together, that is fine, it is totally their business that no one else should denies their rights, but why make it legal which will totally change the way our society functions. I definitely do not want to let my kids think it is normal, although I think it is okay, BUT definitely NOT NORMAL.

• I am a 22 year old male person. Yes on 8 for sure! Marriage is a tradition that does not include same sex couples. I am not a conservative, not republican, I just know for a fact that it is wrong to use a timeless tradition like this. What is the world coming too??? are you kidding me?

• Get prepared people, Judgment is Coming and there is nothing you can do about it.

• i have nothing against gay ppl, in fact i'm friends with some. but it actually is gonna be taught in schools & churches are gonna be forced to perform gay weddings. its redefining the whole constitution. look at europe. they've legalized gay marriage & thats led to polygamy and now even siblings can marry. they're already messed up and i dont want america to end up that way.

• If it does not pass, would a married couple, say two 40 somthing gay guys, be allowed to adopt say a 13 year old boy ?

• When 8 passes, gays will still have the same marriage rights as anyone else. Men can marry women, and vice versa.

• I voted yes on prop 8 and so did my sis, and friends. equality- as they call it , in this issue- is damaging. i don't want my children to even 'understand' what this is. i hope it passes. i will continue to fight this, how does one say......'non-sense'. people remember- sodom and Gomorra are the only 2 cities in history that God destroyed with his own hands and without a representative of Israel. God doesn't like it, and cause he bought my life- i follow my master.

• … NO HOMOSEXUAL will enter the kingdom of Heaven. How can you deny that ? It's written ALL throught the Bible. This is not my opinion, it's Gods!

And there we are. And apparently there is where we are going to be for a while.

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