Saturday, January 10, 2009

Letter to the Desert Sun

In the Palm Springs Desert Sun, January 10, 2009, I found this letter to the editor:

Maybe I'm confused, but didn't the people of California elect Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown as state attorney general to represent us in the courts? Why then is he now advocating against Proposition 8?

Didn't the same constituency that elected him also pass the proposition?

If my attorney, defending me in a court case suddenly started arguing for the other side, I believe it might be grounds for disbarment, at least grounds for firing that attorney and hiring one that would represent my interests and not those of my advisory.

Mike Cappi
La Quinta

I wrote back:

Yes, Mike, you are confused.

When you hire a lawyer, you pay him or her to manipulate the legal system to your advantage. The legal system is imperfect; sometimes mobs rule, sometimes majorities tyrannize, sometimes justice gives way to the person who pays the most. Our greatest safeguard against such abuses is the Constitution. As with the justices of the Supreme Court, Jerry Brown’s loyalty must be to that Constitution. Not your checkbook.

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