Monday, May 16, 2011

Three Different Squeaks

Our birthday bash for the dogs yesterday seems to have made an impression on my good friend Garren. He lives in Japan and writes what is for me the first source of information on the Tohoku disaster and breakdown of the Daiichi Power Plant at Fukushima. Not a happy picture, all told. As with all disaster stories, there seems to be a shelf life, and many are ready to pretend the problem has gone away and buy into the government plan that we all cool down and get back to normal.


Back here, we watch American democracy unravel, watch the foxes on Wall Street tending the hen houses increase their salaries on top of all the chickens they can eat, watch immigrants demonized, women's rights disappear, gay rights dry up, medical deductibles and co-pays get so high you can't go to a doctor, investigations of abuse by American troops in Iraq erased from the files, college tuition leap to new heights and kids everywhere turned away from college. Teachers maligned. Firemen and policemen de-unionized. Watch Planned Parenthood, Head Start and NPR demonized. Watch Senator Hatch argue we should continue to subsidize Exxon Mobil Conoco Phillips because Americans, he says, want to drive minivans and SUVs. They have kids, he says, and need the space. And the Wall Street Journal says we have to pay the oil company executives big bonuses because if we don’t they’ll take their companies off shore. And probably lower his salary. (He didn’t say that last bit.)


I told Garren I had so much fun at the dogs' birthday party yesterday, I am wondering if I could make a go as a dog party planner.

Beats reading the news these days.

Cake and ice cream and balloons and chocolate for miles…

The love in a pooch's gaze…

And you want us to worry about radiation?

Come on by. We didn't manage to get to the cupcakes. They're in the freezer with the leftover ice cream. And if that runs out, there are three grocery stores within a ten-minute walk.

And Bounce and Miki have a full box of toys they’ll be happy to share. One of them is an alligator that squeaks in three different places.

Each one a different squeak.


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