Thursday, October 27, 2011


There’s a picture in this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle showing some kid crying because his school’s closing down. Well, boo hoo. Who says kids call the shots around here. Stick him in another school. Hell, make one big central school in the middle of the city and make all the kids go there. We can increase class size to between 50 and 100 and assign a cop to each classroom to keep kids in line. There’s too much vandalism anyway. It will be a whole lot cheaper in the long run, and a hell of a lot more efficient.

I’m tired of hearing people complain when we close down schools. Some people have no sense of reality. So Oakland had a meeting last night to announce that it was shutting down five elementary schools. Big deal. We’ve got wars to complete, and elections to get ready for. Wonder how much money was wasted calling that meeting. They could have just announced it from the mayor’s office.

Where is the election money to come from if we don’t shut down some schools? Rick Perry’s war chest against Romney starts at $15 million and is apparently up to $17 million in the last quarter, depending on which sources you use.
Obama’s come up with $70 million in just the last quarter. USA Today has another set of figures.

And that’s chicken feed compared to the money it costs us to keep America free. The Iraq war has cost us $800 billion so far and the total cost when all is said and done will be in the vicinity of $4 trillion, more than the entire cost of World War II. And that’s only because Obama is wussing out, as Michele Bachmann says, and surrendering all our gains in Iraq, that land of ingrates. If he were to do it right, it could be another bunch of billions.

And if that were not bad enough, also on the front page is the news that the Occupy Oakland movement is in trouble because some bad guys have infiltrated the peaceniks. Well, what did you expect? The whole idea began with people thinking they had a right to protest in the first place. Probably got that notion from going to one of those lousy Oakland schools they’re now shutting down.

And that money isn’t all that we need to close down schools for. The average net worth of American families now is only about $120,000. But the average net worth of American congressmen is $912,000. It doesn’t come cheap to keep the ruling class in there ruling.

These are smart people. You know they’re smart because the ten richest members of Congress all voted – 100% of them – for the Bush tax cuts. They know that the best thing for everybody is to give more money to the rich so they will create more jobs for the rest of us. OK, so that hasn’t been proven by the events of the last thirty years, but that’s the problem with Americans, isn’t it? They never think long term.

We’re well on our way to success. Can’t stop now.

So you screamin’, bawlin’, whinin’, moanin’, cat-callin’ parents and teachers at that meeting at Oakland Tech last night boo-hooing because we’re closing some schools on your lazy-ass kids, get a grip.

Get some perspective.

Get your priorities straight.

All together now, say it with me, “CLOSE MORE SCHOOLS! CLOSE MORE SCHOOLS!”


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