Friday, October 21, 2011

Putting faces on the 1%

Those pesky lefties, like my friend Ed, are at it again. Churning up the waters with all this class war yada yada.

Ed sent me two links this morning, one to the news that Walmart has decided to cut the insurance benefits of its employees, and one to an article about six people who inherited a total of 93 billion dollars of the Walmart fortune.

Turns out if you only work at Walmart between 24 and 33 hours a week, under the new belt-tightening rules, your spouse will get no benefits whatsoever. If you work there part time less than 24 hours a week (four hours a day, Monday through Friday, and only three on Saturday, say) you get no benefits for yourself, either.

This is America. Who says you have a right to benefits? What are you, in a union?

Look at it from Walmart’s perspective. They’ve got more than two million employees to keep track of and Walmart would not be able to show a $16 billion profit this year if it worried about them all.

I know, I know. You’re going to tell me there would be no $422 billion in sales if the employees were not at their jobs, but that’s no excuse. In this day of high unemployment in the American market economy, if an employee has to quit to take care of a sick spouse, there’s always another one who will apply for the job. One has to work the system, after all. And fair’s fair. Other companies don’t do much better, most of them. Why are you picking on us?

The inherited fortunes of Christy ($24.5 billion), Jim ($21.1 billion), Alice ($20.9 billion), S. Robson ($20.5 billion), Ann ($3.3 billion), and Nancy ($2.7 billion) may seem like a lot, but a billion dollars doesn’t go nearly as far as it once did. And although they inherited their money, and didn’t work for it, if we had not allowed Bud and Sam Walton to give this money to their kids, they might have operated out of Mexico and put those 2.1 million Americans out of a job. Ever think of that?

What are you, a democrat?

OK, so they put their competition out of business, destroyed the downtowns of thousands of towns across America, took their manufacturing base to China, made the taxpayers of the states where they located their stores carry the burden of benefits for their employees like educating their children and paying for their emergency room visits. OK, let’s say they had used some of that $93 billion that went to the kids for employee benefits, you know human nature. Give an employee an inch, he’ll take a mile.

Why are we even listening to this criticism from socialists?

American values.

Just imagine a world without American values.


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